Nicolas Chevret op meerval in het voorjaar op de rivier


Het voorjaar van onze Franse Piet Vogel Rigsolutions consultant Nicolas Chevret is er tot nu toe een om van te watertanden. Hij landt de ene karper na de andere en ook op de rivier begint het te lopen. Naast de toenemende karpervangsten zijn het ook enkele zeer grote meervallen die zijn materiaal tot het uiterste testen! Hier Nicolas’ relaas over één van zijn recente riviersessies dit voorjaar:

Nicolas Chevret lange meervalThe river begins to warm and the fish are starting to move and feed more. The results in the first few weeks were oke with quite few nice carp on the bank. The fishing was difficult because of the circumstances ! This time, it’s a warm and the perfect time for fishing. So, I decided to spent the night on the riverbank. Until the night falls, I catch a few carp and two catfish. But it’s about 1 o’clock in the morning that I managed to capture a giant catfish of 2.35 m. after a very hard fight of 40 minutes. It weighs around 90 kilos I think. Nicolas Chevret meervalkopI still have pain in my arm! A wonderful fish that today is my new PB… Fortunately for me, I had filled the spools of my reels with Down2earth braid in 40 lbs. This braid does the job perfectly and is very resistant to abrasion! This braid in combination with the new Snag Attack of 40 lb, Snag Attack NicolasChevretwhich with it’s elongation gave the hard fighting fish no chance. I ‘m in love with the combination! Also the end part, I used a Superstrong hook size 4 and Strip it in 35 lbs did the job. The size 4 hook didn’t even move. Super Strong size 3 Iif you have no solid material, you won’t catch these kind of fish. That would be a pitty no?
Bye, Nicolas

Nicolas Chevret meerval